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Pinetree Shutter by Murphy Wood Crafters
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Shutter prices are based on 2 shutters (1 window)

 All of our shutters are built to order.  Handcrafted shutters are built to specifications using quality materials and craftsmanship.  Handcrafted and assembled to ensure the highest quality of the finished product.

Since Shutters are built to order they are non-refundable.   Please be precise on your measurements.  Please see our instructions on measuring to determine how to measure for accuracy.

Measuring Exterior Windows

Measuring for your exterior shutters is not difficult, but it is important to be accurate.  We understand that not all windows are standard sizes and shutters are for decorative purposes, so getting the right fit is important.  Measure height and width of outside window and always consider the frame if there is one.

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  Standard shutter width is 15 1/8".  Please take in consideration light fixtures or any other feature that may be within the shutter width.  If your window is close to a door or opening you may want to consider one shutter.  See example below.

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